How to choose carbide shapes of button bits
Pub Time:2016-1-14

The carbide of button bits in rock drilling tools are basically divided into the following shapes:
Under the condition that hydraulic drifters have enough impact power, button bits with semi-spherical carbide have the advantages of high power output coefficient, good rock drilling effect, and firmness and wear resistance of carbide.
Button bits with conical carbide can be easily drilled into rocks with high drilling speed. Button bits with conical carbide have high efficiency but poor wear resistance under the condition of inefficient impact power including low air pressure of pneumatic rock drills, performance change of hydraulic drifters, etc.
The shape of parabolic carbide is between conical carbide and semi-spherical carbide, and the parabolic carbide is mainly used manufactured by oversea carbide plant or Sino-foreign joint venture.
Button bits with domed carbide are suitable for hard and abrasive rock formation.

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